(消防設備專業承包、公路(鐵路)工程總承包)無地址公司注冊流程及費用、材料(Registration of foreign companies)

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  一、注冊公司的資料(One. Information of a registered company)

  1.企業名稱預先核準通知書;( 1. the notice of pre - approval of the name of the enterprise;)

  2.法人、股東身份證(護照及其他)原件及翻譯件;(2. legal person, shareholder identity card (passport and other) original and translation;)

  3.各股東合法證明文件(境外企業:注冊證書公證認證,境外自然人:護照原件;境內企業:營業執照復印件加蓋公章,境內自然人:身份證原件及復印件)、出資比例;( 3. legal proof documents of all shareholders (overseas enterprises: registration certificate, notarization certification, overseas natural persons: Passport original; domestic enterprises: business license copy, official seal, domestic natural person: ID card original and photocopy), capital contribution ratio.)

  4.公司經營范圍(4. company's scope of operation)

  5.注冊資本;(5. registered capital;)

  6.辦公場地租賃合同及場地使用說明;(6. the lease contract of office space and the instructions for the use of the site;)

  二、注冊公司流程(Two. The process of the registered company)

  1、注冊公司查名(1, registered company name)

  申請人需提供投資人身份證原件及復印件并提供公司名稱5個以上;(The applicant should provide the original and copy of the investor's identity card and provide more than 5 company names.)

      2、確立經營范圍(2. Establish the scope of operation)

  3、確定投資人出資比例(3, determine the proportion of investor's contribution)

  4、①向工商查名出口提交查名表3個工作日后領取《名稱預先核準通知書》;②工商局系統網上查名(4.1 search query is submitted to the industrial and commercial exports of watches 3 working days after receiving the "notice" pre approved name; 4.2 Industrial and Commercial Bureau online search system)

  5、提交注冊材料、申請營業執照(5. Submitting a registered material and applying for a business license)

  所需材料:投資人身份證、章程、股東會決議、租賃協議、房產證復印件、企業設立登記申請書、委托代理人證明。提交材料后10個工作日領取營業執照(正副本)(The required materials are investor identity card, articles of association, resolution of shareholders' meeting, lease agreement, copy of real estate certificate, application for establishment registration and certificate of principal agent. 10 working days after submission of the material to receive a business license (a positive copy))

  6、刻章(6, engraved chapter)

  攜帶營業執照至注冊地管轄的公安局辦理準刻證至公章指定刻章點刻公章、財務章、法人章,并備案(The Public Security Bureau, which is under the jurisdiction of the registered place, deals with the engraved seal, the financial chapter, the legal person chapter and the record of the official seal.)

  7、開立基本賬戶(7. Opening the basic account)

  所需材料營業執照、組織機構代碼證、稅務登記證、法人身份證、公章、財務章、法人章、銀行結算賬戶申請書及其他銀行申請材料。提交材料后5到10個工作日后領取開戶許可證、信用機構代碼證。與銀行簽訂三方扣稅協議。在部分銀行開戶享受開戶優惠。(The necessary business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, corporate identity card, official seal, financial chapter, legal person chapter, bank settlement account application and other bank application materials. The materials submitted after 5 to 10 working days after receiving account permits, credit organization code certificate. The three party tax deduction agreement is signed with the bank. To open an account in some banks and enjoy a favorable account opening.)

  8、代理記賬(8. Agent bookkeeping)

  代理記賬就要選擇一家信譽度高的代理記賬公司,千萬不要選擇個人代理記賬的,第一個人沒有安全的保障,出了事一溜就找不到人了,第二個人代理記賬水平是有限的,有了問題要企業自己去解決,說一大堆理由說明是企業的問題,第三個人代理記賬人員與專管員的溝通都不及時,與代理記賬公司相比一般代理記賬公司的企業都帶一家或者幾家稅務所,所以他們與稅務所溝通比較及時,遇到問題解決的力度也比較大。南京注冊公司,代理記賬:南京最低的價格,小規模納稅人為100元/月,一般納稅人為300元/月。(Bookkeeping is to choose a high degree of credibility of the bookkeeping company, do not choose personal bookkeeping, the first person no security, a trouble can not find people, second personal bookkeeping level is limited, there is a problem to enterprises to solve their own, say a lot of reasons is enterprises, third personal bookkeeping personnel and that communication is not timely, compared with the general bookkeeping bookkeeping company with one or several tax and tax, so they have to communicate and solve the problems encountered, the intensity is relatively large. Nanjing registered company, agent account: the lowest price in Nanjing, small scale taxpayers for 100 yuan / month, the general taxpayer is 300 yuan / month.

  9、核定稅種(9. Approved taxes)

      所需材料營業執照、開戶許可證、法人身份證、股東身份證、公章、財務章、扣稅協議、CA證書、租賃協議、租賃發票、辦稅員身份證。(The materials needed to account permits, business licenses, corporate identity, shareholder identity card, seal, financial seal, tax deduction agreement, CA certificate, lease agreement, lease invoice, tax agent ID card.)

  三、經營范圍:(Three. The scope of operation:)

  對基礎設施、港口、碼頭、廣播業、影視娛樂業、酒店、商貿、教育業、出版業、金融業、旅游業、科技環保業、醫藥業、保健業、自來水業、礦業、林業、農業、養殖業的投資;房屋建筑工程、市政工程、土石方工程專業承包、建筑裝修裝飾工程專業承包、消防設備專業承包、公路(鐵路)工程總承包、橋梁(隧道)工程專業承包、房地產開發經營、物業服務;電子產品、建筑材料、水暖器材、五金交電、珠寶首飾、煤炭、化工產品及原料、石油制品(不含原油、成品油,不得存儲)的銷售;商品信息咨詢服務,商務信息咨詢服務,投資咨詢服務;進出口貿易。(In infrastructure, ports, docks, broadcasting, film and television entertainment, hotels, business, education, publishing, finance, tourism, science and technology, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, healthcare, water industry, mining, forestry, agriculture, farming investment; Housing construction, municipal engineering, t project specialized contracting, construction decoration project specialized contracting, fire fighting equipment specialized contracting, highway (railway) engineering general contracting and bridge (tunnel) project specialized contracting, real estate development management, property management services; Sales of electronic products, building materials, plumbing equipment, wujinjiaodian, jewelry, coal, chemical products and raw materials, petroleum products (excluding crude oil, refined oil, and no storage); Commodity information consulting service, business information consulting service, investment consulting service; Import and export trade.)


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